My Home Projects

I love decorating my home. Adding accents or decor that I created myself and doing it all for a bargain, well that just makes it all the better!  This is one of my latest projects - my front door hanging basket. I bought the tin basket at Lowes for under $10 and the flowers for half price at Hobby Lobby. I already had the ribbon. The total, under $24.00. Cute, huh?! 

I love to sew, drapes, that is. I've never sewn anything else. I love the fact that when you make your own curtains, you have so many more options. Here are some that I made for our house. 


Dining Room

My son's room was one of my most fun projects. Here is his "Wall of Fame." I bought inexpensive frames from Hobby Lobby and 8.5 X 11 scrapbook paper in various patterns. I had black and white (5 X 5)  photos printed at Wolf. I taped the pictures to the center of the paper, which made the paper look like a unique mat. I did it all for under $70. Pottery Barn, who... With your crazy prices! ;-) 

This is my crazy artwork that I painted at Sips and Strokes - super fun; definitely recommend it! Anyway, these lovely painting are hanging in my laundry room. Yes, I am too embarrassed to hang them in any room where guests might actually see them. But they are cute in their own little, non-artistic way, so I had to hang them somewhere. My husband voted for the garage, but I won. ;-) 


LauraBeth said...

I love your paintings - you should put them out where everyone can enjoy them! And, as you know, I am SO envious of your drapes. They turned out AWESOME and I'm so proud of you for tackling such a huge project. Great job!

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