Thursday's Tex Mex Night

So Thursday was Tex Mex Night at my house. It was so much fun to get together with my girlfriends (and Jeremiah) for some good food and great company. We had Strawberry Margaritas, Tex Mex Enchiladas, Redneck Caviar (made by my good friend, Kimberly) and Con Queso Dip (made by my friend and brain-twin, Laura). 

The guest list included: Pat, the Hardest Working Lady I know (besides my mom); Julie, Ms. Little Cute & Perfect; Laura, the Ultimate Cheerleader & My Brain Twin; Kimberly, Our Little Artist; Ashley, the Beautiful Bride; Christina, the Best Sister a gal could have; and Jeremiah, my FAVORITE Little Person in the world! I am a very lucky girl to have such sweet, talented and genuine friends. I look forward to another little get-together very soon. Maybe we'll do a cheese and wine theme next?  

Kitchen Makeover

My sister, Christina, was kind enough to help me do a little home "sprucing" on Memorial Day. We celebrated the holiday earlier that weekend, so Monday we had no major plans. I was able to con her into helping me paint my kitchen and hang window treatments. Whatta gal! 

We took my plain Jane khaki-color kitchen to poppin' rusty-red eye-candy! ;-) 

Breakfast Nook

I've had this cat picture for forever and a day, but I can't seem to part with it. And Little Buddy loves it, so it's gotta stay now. He points to it and says "Ccaaa". 

This is something I'm proud of... For a more dramatic effect, I hung my drapes about a foot higher than the window, which caused the standard 84" window treatment to come up short. So to remedy this, I bought brown fabric and sewed it to the bottom of each panel. I think it turned out pretty cute.   

And I had this old chair sitting in my garage, so I decided to piant it the same color as my kitchen and place it in my den as an accent chair. It's fun and inexpensive, so when I am tired of it, I can put it back in the garage or get rid of it, and I've lost nothing. 

Just for fun, I did a little rearranging and placed this table and chair in my hallway. I found the table at an antique store in Chelsea (about $70 ) and bought the accessories at Home Goods. It is one of my favorite stores! You can find the best stuff for cheap, cheap, cheap! 

 I love mixing modern and traditional!

Me in my new red kitchen - "Girl, put on some makeup!"

Thanks to my good friend, Laura, for the beautiful photos!!!